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Perez: I already know that I will do next year

Sergio Pérez has won the fourth place in qualification in Spa, but considers that he could fight for a poll. He has summed up the results of a session and has told about the future...

Question: Do you agree with the decision of team to remain on the route when the rain has begun though it hasn't worked?

Sergio Pérez: Of course. All have replaced tires, and we remained on the route, on the two first sectors asphalt remained dry and on the third sector everything was quite good. We didn't expect that the rain will amplify while I began a circle. It is difficult to me to judge its intensity on the first sector - in Eau Rouge everything was quite good though I went on slika. I tried to act on feelings as didn't see as far as asphalt was wet. I had one intense moment when qualification for me has nearly ended. Fortunately, everything was, and I have continued a circle.

Ya has run into a curb and has blocked back wheels. Speed was low, but the car has jumped up therefore we had to check everything. As a result I have late come out to the route. It seemed to us that there will be enough for about two time fast a circle, but we were mistaken. I lacked second to begin the second circle, and it could play a crucial role.

Question: How quicker you could pass?

Sergio Pérez: It is difficult to tell. It was necessary to win back about three seconds to win a poll. But between the first and second circle it was possible to win back just three seconds. Perhaps, I could fight for a poll.

Question: What do you wait of tomorrow for?

Sergio Pérez: If the race takes place in dry conditions, we will fight for positions in the middle of a peloton and we will try to win this duel. We will look.

Question: You have told that you at successful combination of circumstances could fight for a poll. The rain can give usually quite good chances. Did you hope for rainfall?

Sergio Pérez: No, we perfectly looked on the dry route. If qualification has taken place on dry track, we would seek to become "the best of the others". But the situation has quickly changed, it was necessary to adapt. The team has perfectly performed the work and made the right decisions.

to me was necessary to save On a fast circle a little fuel as I hoped to pass one more circle, the route dried up. But I lacked second.

Question: What role is played so by good result in a situation when the team has endured the difficult period, and her future was questionable?

Sergio Pérez: That's great! Such result shows that the team has an excellent potential. I want that all were proud in the afternoon - and new owners of the team, and those who have left her, and those who continue to work here.

Question: If you didn't talk to the Vijay yet, but you want that he was proud of today's achievement too, unless it not suitable time to call him?

Sergio Pérez: I already talked to him.

Question: Truth? How has everything passed?

Sergio Pérez: He has written me the congratulatory message. He is very happy and is proud of team. It pleases me.

Question: You to him to an otva



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