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People's deputies from the PPB supported introduction of martial law in the country after hijacking of the Ukrainian boats

The People's Deputy from the PPB Moustapha Nayyem urged to organize an emergency meeting of the Verkhovna Rada because of hijacking of the Ukrainian boats by Russia. About it he wrote on the page on Facebook.

"The Verkhovna Rada has to gather for an emergency meeting, irrespective of the decision of the NSDC on introduction of martial law. It is important for society, for our military, for seamen and our international partners. It would be very strange to ask supports from the whole world and not to gather the supreme legislative body.

If the NSDC suggests the president to impose martial law (in all territory of the country or in certain regions), then, according to the law the president is obliged to issue the relevant decree and to address immediately parliament for his statement. For consideration of the decree the parliament is obliged to gather within two days without additional convocation.

All this story is aggravated with the fact that during martial law in the country elections of the president, parliament and also strikes, mass meetings and actions are forbidden", - Nayyem wrote.

One more people's deputy from the PPB Alexey Goncharenko said that on Tuesday, November 27, at an emergency special session of BP the question of introduction of martial law will be considered.

Also it reminded that after the decision of the NSDC on introduction of martial law, the president signs the relevant decree. After that within two days the parliament has to gather and approve introduction of martial law. For this purpose there is enough 226 voices.

In turn the people's deputy from the People's Front Anton Gerashchenko said that the president fell into a difficult situation that grants to it the right to impose martial law, but the N would advise not to hurry. "After brutal attack on the Ukrainian warships, wounds and capture of our military seamen it gives to it a reason to issue the Decree on introduction of martial law. However if he makes it, then he will be accused that it does it for this purpose not to hold the presidential elections appointed to March 31, 2019. The ban on elections is directly provided by Article 19 of Part 1 of the Law "About a Legal Regime of Martial Law" of Ukraine. (Cm a screenshot)

If it does not decide to issue the decree on the military situation - he will be accused of spinelessness and not ability to protect Ukraine.

First of all, I would advise the President does not hurry and to make the decision with the cold head, having well thought over its consequences".



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