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People and the sky cried: in Lutsk have on a lap said goodbye to the hero who has died on Donbass

On Friday, August 24, in Lutsk have said goodbye to the senior lieutenant of the 128th separate mechanized crew Georgy Olkhovsky who has died on Donbass from the sniper's bullet.

the Body of the dead of the fighter has arrived in the evening. He was met at the Tsumansky intersection from where the mourning column has gone to Lutsk. At the head of a column the minibus with a body on which glass there was a plate "200" went, report "The Volynsk news".

the Column in which there were numerous volunteers and Georgy Olkhovsky's sworn brothers has passed down the street Rivne and to Svoboda Avenue. Cars beeped, and passersby didn't constrain tears, having seen the plate "200". It should be noted that when the body of the fighter was imported into Lutsk - suddenly it started to rain.

the Column on Theatre Square in the center of Lutsk were waited by thousands of people who, having seen a catafalque, have kneelt. After military chaplains have served a prayer. The archpriest Mikhail Buchak has noted that for the soldier not only people, but also the sky cry. "Today we have met by

the hero, and God has met him. Our prayer and our memory is what will help to win. Today he has died, has died in order that we could celebrate the Independence Day. He has given the life in order that we quietly raised the children, gave birth, married and gave lives. It seems that it is only one guy, but this is the son and the husband, this is the father, this is the Ukrainian. The elite of Ukraine consists of such children" - the priest has told and has urged all to observe a minute of silence for the hero then the Anthem of Ukraine was heard.

Georgy Olkhovsky was born in Simferopol and together with the wife and the one-year-old son lived in Lutsk. He served in the fifteenth detached mountain infantry Sevastopol battalion. At the request of family of the fighter will bury on August 26 to wait for arrival of relatives from the Crimea. This day in Lutsk will be the Day of mourning.




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