Date: 9 months ago   Category: Economy

Pensions will grow again - average increase will make 500 UAH in 2019

Pensions in 2019 will grow by 18,5-20%. It was said by the minister of social policy Andrey Reva, the press service of department tells.

of Pension will grow within annual indexation of payments which was provided last year in the bill of pension reform. Increase is calculated by the recorded formula - the sum will grow by 50% of growth of the rate of inflation and for 50% of growth of the average salary following the results of 2018.

"If inflation this year makes 12% as predict, then 6% are taken into account. The salary fund in eight months has grown by 25%, that is 12,5% are taken into account. In the sum it is 18,5%. It means that pensions will grow by the sum about 20%", - Reva has explained.

at the same time the minister has paid attention that the figure can differ as exact indicators of inflation and increase in prices will be known only by March. Therefore pension indexing will take place only in March of the 2019th. It was reported earlier that in the state budget-2019 the sum the grant to the Pension fund will grow by 27 billion UAH. It is connected just with pension indexing next year.

last year the Verkhovna Rada has approved the government law on increase in pensions. Then payments have grown for 10 million pensioners. And average pension has increased from 1,9 thousand UAH to 2,5 thousand UAH

after that Kabmin has carried out two more increases in pensions - for military and security officers and also for pensioners who continue to work.

as a result of three increases monthly expenses of the Pension fund have grown by 7-8 billion UAH. That is annual expenses of Fund have grown by 80-100 billion UAH



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