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"Pension reform was thought up under drugs": Network the consignment of cocaine United Russia has revolted

Pension in Russia became a pyramid: people invest money all life then to receive them several years prior to death, citizens on social networks consider.

became known Recently that in Belgium the police has detained 2 tons of cocaine for the sum of 100 million euros. However the situation has caused a public response as on each packing there was a logo of party of Putin United Russia.

Russians remained are revolted with this fact. Someone said that a consignment of cocaine with a logo United Russia is provocation, and someone has come to a conclusion that drugs went to oligarchs drug dealers from Russia. with

Network all has revolted istoriy with drugs. People began to say that the authorities of the Russian Federation have thought up pension reform "under drugs". People remained are revolted not only a consignment of cocaine United Russia, and deficiency in the budget against the background of this news. Russians consider that pension in Russia became a certain financial pyramid: people give a part of the money to the state throughout all life that then within several years to death to receive them back. According to citizens, it is possible to draw various analogies, but a conclusion one: while in treasury there isn't enough money for pensioners, in Belgium find 2 tons of cocaine with a logo of United Russia.

Many also for fun note that the party leader United Russia Dmitry Medvedev was oddly gone. It is considered that the politician has disappeared because of a trauma, but users of social networks are sure that from "was just smoked".

Many also draw a parallel between the famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar and the Russian officials. The first on obtained from sale of drugs of money built for houses are poor, I built up the whole areas and helped people, and the second "prick Botox, enter pension reforms, raise taxes and sponsor war". Users consider that the drug dealer, than politicians is better already.

Of course, all this only satirical assumptions of Russians. Actually cocaine of United Russia is an accident. The matter is that drug dealers specially mark the drugs the well-known brands. Earlier cocaine of Nike, F.C. Barselona and even "Olympic Games-2016" have been already detained. On the logo of United Russia party has been chosen in a random way and most likely has no relation to policy or to specific officials.



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