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Penises decrease by winter - therefore it is more difficult for you to reach an orgasm

It is not the myth and not a joke.

on Reddit became This summer virus a thread in which one man wrote that in warm months his member seems more, Daily Mail reports.

A now the expert says that winter cold weather can result in boomerang effect, having visually reduced the size of a male genital.

Accusing cold weather of reduction of the size, erections and orgasms, Annabel Knight, the specialist in sex and the relations, told that at low temperatures blood vessels in a penis can stiffen.

She explains that on cold the organism protects energy, reducing inflow of blood to fingers and shoots, thereby reducing them in a size. So it does not seem to women at all that in the winter their partners members have less!

of Annabel Knight says: "With a cold snap the penis can lose up to 50% of length and 20-30% of width. The organism is programmed on heat preservation and energy. Therefore it redirects all resources on maintenance of inflow of blood to the middle of a body where vitals are located to cold weather.

for this purpose to it should reduce inflow of blood to fingers on hands and legs and also to a penis. Testicles are involved and rise closer to a body too to keep heat". She adds that in cold weather it is more difficult for men to reach an erection: "Cold temporarily reduces sensitivity of the member, doing it slightly less susceptible to stimulation.

Fortunately, it lasts not for long. It is enough to enter the warm room as the body will heat up again, the blood-groove will be restored, and the member will return to the normal sizes in a couple of minutes". It continues: "The old belief that an erection it is possible to kill with a cold shower has under itself some reasons.

Cooling causes increase in gladkomyshechny activity of the member. Smooth muscles surround blood vessels in the member which direct an erection. Cold leads to narrowing of vessels, and there is a blood outflow". The most amazing that cold weather can influence even a men's orgasm: "When to the man it is cold, he needs more time to reach an orgasm. And the reason not only in physiology.

When you try to have sex, cold distracts. The brain begins to think instinctively of that, to be warmed kind of instead of focusing on sex. It inevitably delays an orgasm because it is difficult to focus on two tasks at once". All this discussion began with revival of the old thread on Reddit which became to virus. In the summer one user wrote: "Somebody else noticed fluctuations of the sizes within a year? I Can tell

that I have more in the summer, and it is better than an erection.

in the Winter all on the contrary. Why so? It is more than heat = more inflow of blood? At you too so?" In response to this question doctor Dudley Danoff, the author of "The guide to male sexual health", answered that in heat blood vessels extend, and members - grow, having noted: "Not casually nobody carries out a honeymoon on the North Pole". However, the urologist Dzhamin Brambkhatt claims that a penis in



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