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Penalty fee, courts, shutdowns: debtors on the communal flat are expected by severe punishments

Reforms in the power sector and in housing sector which though slowly, but are implemented in our country, are designed to change essentially the system of calculations for energy carriers and, in particular, for housing and communal services, writes Today.

If to speak in general, is under construction such system when energy carriers and the related "benefits of a civilization", including for household consumers, are delivered only on condition of full payment for them. In this regard responsibility of consumers for timeliness of payments for the provided zhilkomuslug has to amplify. Experts say that it is worth expecting also more severe punishments for debtors.

Penalty fee. "Ridiculous", but unpleasant

Since May 1 becomes effective the new law "About Housing and Communal Services" adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in 2017. One of important innovations of this law is return of norm on charge of a penalty fee for untimely payment of housing and communal services.

In the law is said: "In case of untimely implementation of payments for housing and communal services the consumer is obliged to pay a penalty fee in a size established in the contract, but it is not higher than 0.01% of amount of debt for each day of delay.

the General size of the paid penalty fee cannot exceed 100% of total amount of a debt".

the Penalty fee will be to both individual consumers (residents), and collective - OSMD, to management companies - depending on the one who exactly signed the contract for delivery of housing and communal services.

the Exception will make cases when the 21st (and the 22nd) day of month - the days off. In the law it is specified that "charge of a penalty fee begins with the first working day following behind the last day of boundary term of introduction of a payment for housing and communal services".

If to count, the sums of a penalty fee leave not such big. For example, if the consumer delayed payment of 100 UAH in size for one day, to it the penalty fee of 1 kopek in size will be added. For a month of failure to pay 30 kopeks of a penalty fee will run. If the debt makes 1000 UAH, in one day of delay will in addition amount 10 kopeks.

at the same time should considering that consumers have to pay housing and communal services to the 20th day of every month. If such norm is stated in the contract, the penalty fee will be charged from the 21st.

In the law are specified only two good reasons when debts on housing and communal services are not assessed with a penalty fee. The first is if debt was formed because the state did not pay off the supplier of housing-and-municipal service for the privileges provided to the person or subsidies in time.

the Second reason - if out of time pay to the consumer salary. However in that case the consumer will have to provide to the supplier of housing and communal services the document confirming existence of wage arrears. whether

Will be a penalty fee on those debts which will appear after May 1, or and on those which exist now, - up to the end is not clear. We did not find the relevant documents, also experts could not help us with it



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