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Patches hearts from an acne, covers for aromas and other byyuti-novelties of week

Collection the nyudovykh of lipsticks from the Moscow makeup artist Sergey Naumov, a patchevy face pack, matt lacquer for lips Dolce&Gabbana, released specially for St. Valentine's Day, and other byyuti-novelties of week - about everything the most interesting we tell in our review.

Patches hearts from Truly Organic acne (396 rub)

Present to the skin a little love for St. Valentine's Day with these lovely mini-patches from an acne of the Truly Organic brand!

Organic stickers in the form of hearts promise to dry heat-spots and it is not worse than inflammation, than salicylic acid. They contain a hydrocolloid which effectively extends liquid and deletes pollution therefore having pasted such sticker before going to bed, for morning of a treacherous red hillock you will not find. Only keep in mind that so-called hydrocolloidal patches suit not all: owners of sensitive skin should be accurater. Lipstick Lipstick Creme, Sergey Naumov (2,290 rub)

the Moscow makeup artist Sergey Naumov to whom Elena Perminova, Renata Litvinova and Ravshan Kurkov trust the make-up presented to

a new collection of cream lipsticks with the natural looking after ingredients.

In the Sergey Naumov line favourite shades of Kylie Jenner: six the nyudovykh of flowers (Private Tango - our favourite). Structure at lipstick not simple, and looking after. Extract of a rhodiola pink, vitamin E and derivatives of vitamin C promise to care for gentle and vulnerable skin of lips.

the Collection of travel-covers for aromas, Valextra (for aroma of 100 ml - 20,400 rub, 50 ml - 16,700 rub)

you cannot (and you do not want) to leave the favourite aroma of Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle even during the travel, but you worry what the bottle with precious contents inadvertently will break? Then not to do you without special cover of Valextra.

the Collection is called in honor of their creator - the Italian company Valextra founded in 1937 in Milan which is considered the inventor of luggage bags for flights. Each cover is made of veal granular leather and is clasped on a metal lightning. Inside a dense lining from satin nylon. At choice: bright red, royal blue, juicy green, golden-yellow, caramel, bronze gray and classical black shade. by

Aroma of In The Wood For Love, Roos & Roos (about 20 thousand rub)

On creation of this aroma the French duet of mother and to the daughter Chantal and Alexander Roos was inspired by the arthouse melodrama In the mood for love of 2001. On a plot between the man and the woman the passion which in slow-motion shot only awakens emotions flashes and strengthens desire. We wanted to create effect of a game in the forest where it is possible to hide, disappear and again unexpectedly to appear... Rules of such game are known by the real women who like to keep an intrigue, to be always unpredictable. Such game in love, - tells about the idea of Alexander of >
the Aroma begins the citrus notes conducting to flower powdery heart. Zavershayushcha



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