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Parents have allowed him to play phone at gas station. Here with what it has ended

That is why it is impossible to speak at gas station.

of Feedy TV tells about the terrible story recorded by surveillance cameras at gas station. Parents have allowed the child to play

with the mobile phone, ignoring the ban.

So far they serviced the vehicle, the child with enthusiasm played on phone.

I suddenly the car has blown up!

Together with all passengers.

explosion has thrown out Muzhchina outside.

the Staff of gas station has quickly called rescuers.

This shocking video:

Why it is impossible to use phone at gas station?

Exists three widespread explanations why use of the mobile phone at gas station can be dangerous:

1. The fuel supply system can bring down data, and there will be mistakes in liters.

of the Hindrance in a gasoline pump can't be caused modern phones - and here old, huge mobile devices really could cause strong failures of work of gas station. Besides modern gas stations undergo a number of serious testing and qualities are under construction by today's standards.

2. During heavy rain the cell phone has property to attract a lightning from which spark there will be an explosion.

Phone can't attract a lightning in any way, it is the myth. Electric breakdown at lightning discharge comes on the shortest distance from a negatively charged cloud to the positively charged Earth's surface or any subject which is on her surface. Therefore the lightning always hits into high objects: columns, trees, buildings, lightning rods, etc. of

3. Radiation of the mobile device is capable to attract a spark why there is an ignition to gasoline.

Skilled radio electronics know that phone publishes too small charge for emergence of a spark in gasoline or heatings of his vapors.

the Main source pozharo-and potential of explosion of electric devices is their local overheating and sparking. As the cell phone, as a rule, doesn't overheat so that to cause ignition, danger - in a possibility of emergence of electric discharge. In reality of it practically doesn't happen.

However always remains tiny probability of emergence of a spark which will ignite the gasoline vapors which are forced out from the gasoline tank. For this reason to use phones (and also ANY OTHER electric devices) at gas station it isn't recommended.

But experts nevertheless say that this danger can be neglected: the risk that phone will begin to spark is far lower than risk of emergence of a spark from static electricity. It is quite possible that explosion on video is caused by a statics, and not phone at all... do you use

A phone at gas station?

Nikita Skorobogatov.




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