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Parents filed a lawsuit against the 30-year-old son who does not want to move down from the house

Very unusual case.

At the 30-year-old man and his parents Christina and Mark Rotondo developed quite difficult situation: to force it to move, parents filed a lawsuit against it!

the Incident happened in New York, BBC writes. to

As far as we know from documents, the son Michael refuses to pay the rent, does not help the parents at all (even elementary on the house) and avoids all talk on moving and independent life.

Everything reached that parents wrote it five notices of need to move down from the house, but is ineffectual.

Michael protects himself the fact that supposedly parents in advance not предупредилио moving, so he could not even pack the things.

of Rotondo submitted a claim to the Supreme Court of the district Onondaga (Syracuse, the State of New York) after the next attempts to solve everything peacefully and quietly.

their lawyer Anthony Adorante told that parents lost any hopes - the son could not be persuaded or even to cause on ordinary dialogue in any way.

"We decided that you need to leave this house", - it is written in the first notification of parents to Michael dated on February 2.

Is the letter the guy ignored, and then already parents addressed the lawyer and filled all necessary official forms. "If till March 15, 2018 you do not leave the house, the coercive measures provided by the legislation will be immediately applied to you" - it was said there. Then the married couple offered the son $1100 that he could be equipped independently in other place, however without having missed the moment to criticize it.

"Even for people, like you, without experience, is available vacancies. Find to yourself such place - begin to work! "

K became obvious on March 30 that the son does not intend to leave the house of the parents at all.

Then parents went to city court, with a request of compulsory eviction.

told Them that as Michael is a family member, under the law the decision of the Supreme Court will be required.

Michael called the statement of parents a certain repression therefore he asked to dismiss them their claim.

However court nevertheless supported spouses and the man had to leave a home.

A what you think of this situation?

of Christina Zvarych.



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