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Parental control on the child's smartphone: why it is necessary and as to establish it

With purchase of the first smartphone to the child, hardly any of parents will not be disturbed by a question of protection of the child against visit of the undesirable websites or unnecessary loading of a huge number of the software by the last which the malicious code can be built in. it is always easier for

to prevent Any troubles, than then to deal with them. And in the Google company which, as we know, is a developer of the Android operating system it not only is understood, but also reckon with it. Therefore an opportunity to establish parental control on the smartphone of your child is also provided in this OS.

How to put parental control on the child's phone?

of All is three ways to secure the child against influence of negative content from the websites or Google Play: settings of control on the smartphone, settings of access to app store and installation of the special limiting software.

For control of control on the smartphone needs to be turned into the OS settings, to find there the Users point, to press "To add the user" and then to set restrictions in the guest account. after that the child will be able to choose

what applications will be installed in his smartphone, however to work with them at it it will turn out only at control of parents. If you do not want

that your son or the daughter continually loaded from app store of Google Play, as they say, everything, on it it is possible to establish the PIN code. It becomes rather simply. For a start we open the application shop, then we come into settings, there we select the Parental Control item and we establish the PIN code. By the way, the Google Play allows to adjust also filtration of content according to the rating from 0 to 18 years that also for certain it is useful to you.

can act as Quite good limiters also various applications. So, for example by means of Screen Time it is possible to operate time which the child spends in the smartphone and also to monitor the visited resources and content to which he watches/listens. And here having established to a louncher of Kids's Shell, your child will be able to start only the applications allowed by you.

One more interesting application of YouTube to Children. It contains a set of entertaining and informative videos. By the way, if any it is not pleasant to you, it is easy to remove it from the program, having pressed the Complain button.

At last, one more application which we recommend - Safe Lagoon. It allows to keep track of activity of the child on the Internet and applications plus to install different limiters. What

the smartphone to choose?

Should not buy too expensive devices, children often break even the most favourite things. In terms of equipment, such smartphone has to possess 2 GB of random access memory and it is desirable the capacious accumulator. The first will ensure good functioning of the majority game and precisely all educational applications, and the second will not allow the child to be left without communication in most, as they say an inopportune moment.

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