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Parable of day that in life each nothing accidentally occurs

The editorial office RIA Melitopol continues the heading "What Put Future I Have Prepared for You in a Parable". Today the next wise hint which can be useful in life to everyone in a parable of day that in life each nothing accidentally occurs.

Two angels travelers have stopped on a lodging for the night in the house of rich family.

Family wasn't hospitable and didn't want to leave angels in a drawing room.

Instead of that have taken away them on a lodging for the night to the cold cellar. When they spread a bed, the senior angel has seen a hole in a wall and has closed up it.

Having seen it, the younger angel has asked why. The senior has answered: "All not as it seems at first sight".

In the next night they have stopped on a lodging for the night in the house of very poor, but hospitable person and his wife.

of the Spouse have divided a little food which they had with angels, and have laid them in the beds that those could sleep well.

in the Morning after awakening angels have seen that the owner and his wife cry. Their only cow (and her milk was the only income of family) lay dead in a shed.

the Younger angel has asked the senior:

"As it could happen? The first man had everything, and you have helped him. Other family had

very little, but was ready to share everything, and you have allowed that at them the only cow has died. Why?".

"All not as it seems at first sight", - the senior angel has answered.

"When we were in the cellar, I have understood that behind a hole in a wall there was a treasure with gold.

his owner was rough and hasn't wished to do good therefore I have repaired a wall that the treasure hasn't been found.

In the next night when we slept in a bed, for the wife of the owner has come the death angel. I have given him a cow."

In life, really, all not as it seems at first sight. We never know everything. And everything that happens to us, not accidentally.

Sunday now.



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