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Owners of mail of Yahoo trade in personal data of users

Owners of the American company Yahoo which is the operator popular in the west of service of e-mail offer advertisers the data obtained on the basis of the analysis of correspondence of users. The electronic version of the The Wall Street Journal newspaper has reported about it.

the Corresponding service is offered by the Oath company, the persons visiting her the presentations have noted. Oath is ready to provide to the interested firms the information on some letters which arrived on e-mail of Yahoo and also AOL. As states the edition, it "the only large post domains in the USA which scans incoming mail for marketing".

In the publication is noted that other large companies working on the Internet consider such practice inadmissible. Google, in particular, has reported about the termination of similar activity last year. Microsoft says that never conducted collection of data on electronic correspondence of users in the advertizing purposes.

according to sources of WSJ, in Yahoo resort to the specified practice more than ten years. The comment of one of vice-presidents of Oath of Dag Sharp is provided in material. He noted that information only on the e-mails of commercial character arriving to users, including, the concerning acquired productions or the paid services is read out. On the basis of these data estimates of in what these or those groups of persons can become interested are offered advertisers.

Sharp has emphasized that customers don't obtain any personal information on users. He has also noted that Yahoo in return provides a free electronic mailbox. According to him, users also have an opportunity to limit collection of data on the received letters. Oath is also the owner of a number of popular Internet resources and provides services in placement of advertizing on them.

In the USA pay special attention to the questions concerning to collecting personal data by the companies working on the Internet in recent months. Scandal in which center there was a social network of Facebook became one of occasions for this purpose. He has burst after in March the The New York Times newspaper has reported that the British company Cambridge Analytica managed to collect personal data of tens of millions of users of Facebook to develop an analysis algorithm of political preferences of voters. As the former staff of the company has told the edition, the created algorithm facilitated mailing to users of political advertizing on purpose potentially to affect their voices.

to the Head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in April was necessary to make a speech at two hearings in the U. S. Congress. The businessman has assured the American legislators that from now on will address to Facebook more carefully with personal data of users.



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