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Our person among hot Finnish guys

Alexander Kirilenko playing Riikhimyaen Cox club has told that about the best partners as nowadays in the national team of Ukraine, there is nothing and to dream.

Generally, from a half-dozen of the legionaries involved with Sergey Bebeshko to October duels of national team in selection on ChE-2020, Kirilenko's appearance became partly unexpected. No, he is perfectly known to our fans since the performances in the championship of Ukraine.

Is simple, after junior convocations of different age, still in official tournaments for the first national team didn't play.

of Subjects is more curious how it, first, has appeared in the Country of Suomi where handball, to put it mildly, not the champion of popularity, and secondly whether easily from there moreover at mature age (Alexander is 32 years old) to receive the invitation in ranks of blue-yellow team? About all this, and not only, the correspondent of "SE" has had a talk with him in Sumy after the victory over handballers of Montenegro.

- Now can call the main recipe of success in a match, apparently, not leaving an alternative for the national team of Ukraine?

- I Think, the most difficult was to make that and as trainers have planned. Somewhere percent on 80 it it was possible thanks to what the result has turned out. We for ourselves have understood something on the previous meeting in Denmark, but against the background of Olympic champions tried to show at least the game, without competing "competing in speed". Of course, sorted a manner of a game of Montenegrins, and due to defense 5-1 tried to counteract powerful "back" players when they went "on скрест". Well and at the slightest opportunity, as they say, to escape.

- the Ukrainian stage in your career "Docker" has incorporated performances and for native Zaporizhia, and for yuzhnensky. .

- There I have felt in serious team necessary. Trust from Oleg Sycha and Efim Polonsky. Youzhny became the champion of Ukraine and unless you will forget a total victory in EGF Cup over German Grossvaldshtadt, though there have passed 11 years? There were such performers as Mikhail Tsap, Artem Vishnevsky, Grigory Blagonadezhdin, Yury Mankovsky, Sergey Sulima, Andrey Abramov, Igor Polyakov, Andrey Shipenko and our present collection Dmitry Doroshchuk - am afraid to miss someone.

- But, probably, on the continent happened to be played not only for yuzhnenets?

- Yes, it is possible to remember something also in three years spent in the Belarusian BGK of Meshkov. If I am not mistaken, in the fall of the 2010th, on the Cup of EGF have beaten at themselves Macedonian "Metalurg" in five balls, but in Skopje nine were lost, and to me also "red" shown for three small penalties. In the spring the 2012th has reached a quarterfinal of the Cup of cups, and a little wasn't enough against Spanish team "Kakha Aragon" though before it have twice won against Swedish "Luga Lund". What is interesting, to the people came at home hardly less, than with Spaniards in Zaragoza.

- And on the other hand, where Brest which has become the frequenter of the Champions League and where Finland - the earth of skis and hockey...

- So was still Poland - year in Spuyna (Gdynia) and one and a half for "Steel" (Melets) with which have reached "The final of four" of national



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