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Our people: which of Nobel laureates has the Ukrainian roots

Among Nobel Prize laureates there are no Ukrainians on nationality yet. There is no wonder - Ukraine became the independent state only in 1991. At the same time among recipients of the most prestigious world award there are people whose origin is connected with our country.

GEORGE WALD. Parents of future Nobel laureate on medicine George Wald arrived to the USA with the first wave of emigrants from Ukraine. The relatives of the scientist remained in the Ukrainian village near Peremyshl (now it is the territory of Poland).

Wald was engaged in biochemistry, physiology and evolution of sight. The Nobel Prize to it was awarded in 1967 - for detection in receptors of a retina of an eye of vitamins of group A. It showed that these vitamins influence pigmentation of an eye.

ERIC KANDEL. The scientist who received "Nobel Prize" in 2000 for opening of mechanisms of neural communications was born in 1929 in Austria. To Vienna his parents, Jews-ashkenazi, arrived from the Western Ukraine: mother was born in Kolomye, the father - near Lviv.

From the beginning of World War II family emigrated to the USA where Eric Kendel also carried out almost all adult life. Thanks to its researches drugs against senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease are now created.

of ILYA of SWORDSMEN was born in 1845 in the village of Ivanovka of the Kharkiv region. He graduated from the Kharkiv university, long time worked in Odessa. As Ukraine was a part of the Russian Empire in those days, Mechnikov is usually called the Russian scientist. The French, in turn, consider him: the scientist went to France in 1888.

After the death of the wife from tuberculosis of Swordsmen devoted the life to a research of mechanisms of immunity, for as received "Nobel Prize" in 1908.

GEORGES SHARPAK. Georges Sharpak (Georgy Harpak) was born on Volhynia in 1924. His family moved to France where he began to be engaged in nuclear physics in Curie's laboratory. Sharpak became the Nobel laureate in 1992 in the field of physics. The scientist insisted on peaceful application of nuclear energy.

About the homeland, Ukraine, Sharpak writes in memoirs and remembers in an interview, as "the world of the childhood where I was just Grits Harpak".

ROALD HOFFMAN. The famous American scientist, the Nobel laureate in chemistry (got an award for development of the theory of course of chemical reactions), Roald Hoffman was born in 1937 in the city of Zolochev on L'vivshchyna.

during World War II, in 1943, Hoffman's father managed to save the wife and the son, and itself died in the Nazi camp. Roald and his mother were hidden one and a half years in the house by Ukrainian neighbors. Roald Hoffman wrote several books about events in Ukraine during war. With the family which saved his life the scientist corresponded many years, and in 2006 came to visit.

Hoffman says that he is very happy that he was born in Ukraine. Read to

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