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Operators will refuse 2G and 3G of networks for development of the Internet of things

The international research company Opinion Matters together with Panasonic interviewed 250 companies buyers of mobile business devices concerning the prospects of introduction of IoT.

According to results of a research, 51% of the companies consider it important technology factor for increase in efficiency and efficiency of business, at the same time it radically changes all infrastructure of wireless data transmission.

New requirements define new standards of wireless networks. Possibilities of LTE were expanded the LTE-M and NB-IoT standards which increase the range and service life of batteries of devices of the Internet of things for ensuring their trouble-free operation within decades.

According to the report "Mobile economy of 2018" from GSMA Intelligence, at the end of 2017 in 20 countries, including the USA, China and Europe was developed about 30 commercial networks LTE-M and NB-IoT. Experts expect that by 2025 the number of the licensed mobile IoT-connections will reach 3.1 billion around the world.

Mobile operators disconnect networks 2G or 3G to release frequency range for LTE, or "refreymit" the frequency ranges, reducing the capacity of network for traffic 2G and 3G <.br> of
For example, Deutsche Telekom in 2017 modernized 4000 base stations with GSM 900 to GSM 900 plus LTE 900 which can be in the future in addition recustomized for support LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT.

of Telenor Norway planned the termination of support 3G in 2020 and 2G in 2025. Swisscom and T-Mobile Netherlands announced 2020 the end 2G, and disconnected Airtel Vodafone 2G in Jersey in April, 2018.

In Great Britain Vodafone undertook the obligation to serve 2G at least till 2025, same таймлайн at Telefonica.

Though operators try to inform users on the future technological changes, for many users it becomes obvious only when mobile devices cease to work because of shutdown of networks. In the United States when AT&T disconnected network 2G of San Francisco MuniMap buses and trains disappeared. In other case of Verizon announced 2019 date of the termination of activation of new devices in the CDMA network, but stopped activation in July, 2018 that led to the fact that technically compatible devices of users became unsuitable for 18 months earlier, than they expected.



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