Date: 10 months ago   Category: Health

Opening: why procrastination - it is normal

Not all people "solve problems in process of their receipt". Many postpone important issues for the last moment, that is are engaged in procrastination. Scientists have found out that the difference between "performers" and "procrastinators" is predetermined by our brain.

FACT. 20% of people recognize themselves as procrastinators, and for the last 30 years their quantity has grown by 4 times. Some researches claim that such feature is observed at 95% of students.

Poll of more mature public has shown that 40% of the people suffering from procrastination have suffered because of it financial losses. Also scientists have shown that this phenomenon often is followed by alarm and a depression, malnutrition, abuse of alcohol, deficiency of attention and problems with memory.

OPENING. Scientists from the Ruhr university in Germany have studied data of MRT and polls. They paid attention to the volume of different sites of a brain and functional interaction between them. It has turned out that at "procrastinators" amygdala (is responsible for emotions and immediate reactions) has bigger volume, than at "performers".

Also at "procrastinators" has appeared amygdala which was less expressed communication with the forward zone bark (FZB) which is responsible for expectation of an award, decision-making, empathy, management of impulsiveness and emotions.

Communication between amygdala and this part of bark of a brain is responsible for making decision on action/inaction, and in a case with "procrastinators" speaks about action postponement more often, than about his performance.

Thus, the German scientists have found out that "procrastinators" not just don't want to carry out tasks, but can't successfully control the actions because of disruption of communication between amygdala and PPK.

At the same time, a research has shown that the people focused on actions - are steadier against the factors causing a stress. Executive people also differ in the ability to adhere to priorities in the presence of several alternative options of a pastime.



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