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"Open lists": Bukovina and Cherkasy elected the representatives in the Samopomochi list

Bukovina elected the representatives in the parliamentary Samopomochi list
the First in Ukraine proreytingoval of the acting People's Deputies of Association Samopomich fraction and future candidates for People's Deputies of the region members of political party of the Chernivtsi regional organization.

by results of vote, a priority of representation from the region in the general list of party will be had by Irina Tkachuk, the associate professor of finance and the credit of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, the employee of private scientific institute of Norway. The second and third place was taken by Oksana Lelyuk, the teacher, and Roman Klichuk, the businessman-restaurateur and the patron respectively.

Following the results of rating of People's Deputies who are a part of Samopomich fraction in the first five appeared Oleg Berezyuk, Oksana Syroyed, Roman Semenukha, Oleg Lavrik, Irina Sysoyenko, respectively.

of Whom delegated Cherkasy to the Samopomochi list?

Vyacheslav Skichko is the head of the regional organization "Association" Samopomich, the military volunteer, famous in Cherkasshchina, also actively OSMD is engaged in support of creation in Cherkasy, won according to rating between Party members first place.

to Be the People's Deputy is a heavy responsibility and serious work. Therefore thanks to my colleagues that proposed my candidacy. We discussed the decision of colleagues in family, and the wife supported me,

- Vyacheslav Skichko commented on vote.

the Second place in the rating of candidates of area was taken by Dina Zhuk-Verbova. She heads the Chigirinsky regional organization of party and is the deputy of local OTG, actively is engaged in tourism development. Natalya Koval who heads the Samopomochi center in Shpola became the third. Further - the deputy of the Cherkassk city council and the chairman of the city organization "Association "Samopomich"" Alexey Romanov. Also Alexander Mokriyenko - the chairman of the Kanevsky city organization "Association "Samopomich"" closes the five черкащан.

Following the results of rating of People's Deputies who are a part of Samopomich fraction in the first five appeared Oleg Berezyuk, Oksana Syroyed, Tatyana Ostrikova, Irina Sysoyenko and Oleg Lavrik respectively. we Will remind

, from May 13 to May 27 in all regional organizations "Associations "Samopomich"" the general meeting where party members will form the list of future candidates for People's Deputies in an electoral list <"Samopomochi".
will take place Party members rank the acting members of fraction in parliament now and also representatives of regional cells. At the same time, one more third of future list is reserved for public activists, independent experts and potential allies. All members of the party of the relevant regional organization determine by

serial number of the candidate in the working list by a ballot with use of bulletins.



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