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Only 0,67% of all volume of bitcoin are used in criminal intents: research

From June to August, 2018 the team of founders of the exchange - the European financial technical-startup of - has carried out calculation estimates of the movement of the criminal capital through a bitcoin blockchain by own technique.

the Research was conducted on the basis of big-data of the data obtained from reliable sources. At first the capacity of criminal commodity market, his segments which are served in a darkneta was defined. And only after that the total amount of illegal trade was compared to the total amount of transactions in a bitcoin blockchain for such?? unit of time.

Volumes of transactions have been taken from a blockchain explorer, narcoturn estimates - from materials of the commissions of the UN, average cost calculated according to exchange exchange, drug trafficking among all illegal goods - according to Europol.

Source: EMCDDA & EuroPol, Drugs and the darknet 2017 p.

As shown in the last research of the joint commission of Europol and EMCDDA - the European monitoring center for control of drug trafficking - 62% of the trading volumes in the darknet make drugs, their precursors and drugs. Other 38% weapon, ammunition and explosive is the share of counterfeit materials, fakes, various manuals and reference books and also not identified goods, utilities for breaking.

the Number of appeals to services mixers at implementation of transaction for safety of the transaction is taken from one of functionaries of trading platforms.

Source: the Second value in a research hasn't been calculated analytically or received from statistical data of a blockchain, the exchanges, the agencies of the European Union or Europol is a coefficient of domination of bitcoin in transactions of marketpleys of the darknet. He shows tendency to use for shopping of bitcoin, but not other digital currencies, and strongly depends on the cost of transactions in network of bitcoin. The lower bound is the sizes for summer of 2018 received in the expert way after the analysis of Internet sources and conversations in telegrams channels with the people having information on turns of several DarkNet Marketplace platforms, - Alexey Nasonov, the CEO of Worldcore comments.

Result of the research Worldcore became determination of the maximum value of volume bitcoin turn of illegal goods which makes 0,67% of all volume of turnover of bitcoin. The received size is very close to values of a turn of bitcoin at illegal operations of purchase and sale through the services converters received by the independent Elliptic research group in the research published in January of this year - only 0,61% of all turn through services. It allows to assume that the total amount of monetary transactions bitcoin network contains no more than 1% of the means received from criminal activity.

One more research was conducted by group of the Australian scientists of the universities of Sydney - institute of technology and school of economy, their research has shown that about 51% bitcoin burse



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