Date: 7 months ago   Category: Politics

On the Ukrainian TV recognized backwardness of AFU in comparison with the Russian army

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are constantly updated and receive modern military equipment - to similar AFU can brag of nothing.

it on air of ZIK TV channel was declared by the Ukrainian military expert Oleg Starikov, the correspondent of Politnavigator tells.

"If to take data of our main opponent, then in time since 2013 till present they have updated and have put on arms of new military equipment for 42%. It is an overland component.

We remember the North Caucasus Military District which now the Southern Military District, it was considered the schnook, and now they were updated for 42%. That is, it the new, but not modernized types of arms are put.

A I as the member of public council, for 1,5 years I won't achieve from him in any way our Ministry of Defence for what percent our weapon and military equipment, at least an overland component was updated. Are silent", - the Ukrainian expert has complained.

Earlier Politnavigator has provided the statement of the Ukrainian expert in safety issues Sergey Shabovta that huge noncombat losses of AFU and sabotage by the population of the current conscription testify to crash of the Ukrainian Armed forces at Petro Poroshenko contrary to the adoptions of the state promotion.




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