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On the place of the waste ground residents of Melitopol have suggested to build the training platform

Within the Budget of Participation program in Melitopol inhabitants an aviagorodka hope to receive from local treasury about 200 thousand UAH on realization of the dream and to turn the waste ground into a modern corner of leisure with exercise machines.

"Sport for All in Aviagorodka" Project were prepared by Ekaterina Korniyenko. His main objective - improvement of the waste ground in front of the house No. 36 and 35 with the subsequent installation on him a training complex and gardening of the adjacent territory.

on the waste ground was Long 20 years insanitary conditions, children were injured more than once, jumping from concrete plates of overlapping, not seldom asocial citizens set fire on this site garbage and firefighters, especially during the summer period, have been forced to leave often to this address.

Also in Aviagorodka actually are absent sports grounds. The sports complex for Workout established by deputies of the City Council Maslov is used generally by the guys who are seriously playing sports.

If to install on the place of the injury-causing site exercise machines and the platform for a game in "Square", to be engaged in physical culture, to support itself in shape and will be able to be revitalized people of different age.

and sports leisure will be able to use This recreation area about 5 thousand adults and Aviagorodk's children, regardless of age and physical training.

can Realize this idea in case the project gathers it is greatest number of votes.

can Support him in several ways. the Way No. 1

Come with the Passport in Any Point of Support located in any library of the city and to fill out with

the form of vote.

All libraries work from 8:00 till 17:00 and the staff of libraries will help if necessary you to fill out forms.

Besides, it is possible to vote in management of domestic policy of the Melitopol city council

to the address: Mikhail Grushevsky Street, 5 (phone: (0619) 44-86-38) and in the Center of rendering administrative services in the address: Chernyshevsky St., 26 (t. 0619-444-544).

the Way No. 2

Be registered on the website To choose the project with names: "Sport for all in Aviagorodka" - No. 39.

to Vote for the specified projects with the help of the electronic and digital signature. If you are a user of ID-Bank you have an opportunity to vote on the platform having pressed the sign "VOTE" and to follow the menu of your bank.

Vote will last till September 15.



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