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On the Oktoberfest drank 7,5 million liters of beer

In Munich the traditional annual festival of beer - the Oktoberfest came to the end. The biggest national holiday in the world was spent in the capital of Bavaria already for the 185th time. It was visited this year by 6,3 million people - 100 thousand more, than last fall. And they set the Oktoberfest record: drank 7 million 500 thousand liters of beer in 16 days!

the Liter mug of frothy beverage cost 11,5 euros that too became a record. It is 55 cents more expensive, than was last year. Organizers of a holiday claim that advance in price is justified. Additional income was directed to increase in security measures. Except police officers, the order was kept by the staff of private security firms. And it yielded result. Despite the increased number of guests, the number of perfect offenses decreased almost by 10 percent. According to police, the number of sexual crimes, thefts of bags and fights with application of beer mugs was reduced. The holiday was saddened by the death of one of guests as a result of a fight.

Is noted also interesting tendency: The Oktoberfest gradually turns into a family holiday. Among guests the share arrived with children increased and 60 years are more senior than aged people.

Minor and elderly people do not drink beer, but thanks to their participation the quantity of eaten increased by 10 percent.

visited a holiday many celebrities. So, on October 5 on Theresa's meadow where traditionally there takes place the Oktoberfest, there were the 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton (we will remind, in the rating of the best U.S. Presidents, made according to poll of Americans, Bill Clinton took the second place) and his spouse Hillary. Clinton promised to have fun on a beer holiday long ago and kept the word. Bill was dressed in the well-known Bavarian leather shorts to a lederkhoza.

Arrived to Munich and Arnold Schwarzenegger. For it to happen on the Oktoberfest long ago became personal tradition. The actor did not begin to change it in spite of the fact that in March underwent the emergency heart operation. Arney was not one. He had fun together with the son Patrick who was on September 18 25 years old, and the girlfriend - the physiotherapist Heather Malligan.

Football players of Munich Bavaria came to a holiday all team. Athletes are athletes - even here they organized a competition. It consisted of three stages. During the first it was necessary to hold a full beer mug in an outstretched arm as long as possible. Then threw hats and birdekel (supports under circles). As a result the top scorer of Bavaria Robert Lewandowski won. He held a mug with beer 2 minutes 31 seconds.

the Oktoberfest is obliged by the emergence to a wedding of future king of Bavaria - the crown prince Ludwig I and the princess Theresa in October, 1810. Now during the holiday there is a playful test. After each drunk glass of beer guests are offered to say a full name of the princess in honor of whom the meadow which became well-known was called. And on the sober head not everyone will utter it - Theresa Charlotte Louise Friederike Amalia Saxen-Gildburggausenskaja.

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