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On the Chernobyl NPP the new protective cover is transferred to the mode of test operation

On the eve of another anniversary of the tragedy on the Chernobyl NPP on April 22 the new safe konfaynment (a protective cover - an edition) is transferred to the mode of test operation.

during test operation practically all equipment and the NBK systems will work in the design mode within 72 hours. A problem of test operation - to be convinced that all equipment and the equipment performs the functions. Besides, work in such mode will allow to check the skill level received by personnel of GSP of the CNPP during training.

reported about it on April 25 the press service of the State agency of Ukraine on management of an exclusion zone.

the Subject of tests during test operation - conditional carrying out dismantling of unstable designs of an object "Shelter".

At the first stage of test operation were carried out trainings with the system of the main cranes: movement of carts from bridge cranes in a maintenance garage.

After carrying out test operation will pass the project to a stage of trial operation. For this purpose the CNPP has to get the corresponding permission on the basis of documents which will be made by results of test operation. Trial operation will last year.

after that the CNPP will be able to obtain the license and to pass to operation of NBK and the demontazhunestabilnykh of designs of an object "Shelter".



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