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On November 2 in Ukraine - Day of remembrance. Here with what it is connected

It can't be forgotten!

in Ukraine celebrate Today memorial - the 310th anniversary of the Baturinsky tragedy.

Then the Moscow troops have rushed into the hetman capital of Baturin and have begun to kill all Ukrainians without discrimination - women, children and old men.

of All has died more than 7 thousand civilians. Baturin has been actually destroyed.

So the tsar Peter I wanted to revenge the hetman Mazepa for "treason".

in the Fall of 1708 the Moscow tsar Peter I was at war with the Swedish king and has ordered to the Ukrainian hetman Mazepa to send the troops to help. Mazepa has refused and has taken the part of the king of Sweden Karl XII.

In rage Peter ordered to occupy to the general Menshikov the hetman capital of Baturin and to destroy her. 25 thousand soldiers stormed fortress Baturin.

the City has sustained storm and, perhaps, would escape if the traitor hasn't shown to the enemy a secret passage in fortress.

the Moscow troops have perfidiously rushed on November 2, 1708 into Baturin from the back and have cruelly killed more than 7 thousand civilians, including women with babies, and as much military.

according to the Swedish historian Friksel, Menshikov has ordered to crucify corpses of Cossacks on rafts and to let them down the river Diet. So the Moscow general wanted to intimidate the population of Hetmanate. Remember

it today...

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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