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On November 11 there will be the most powerful day for the last 10 years! Here is how to be prepared for him

Recommendations of numerolog.

number 11 was considered At all times as special, various mystical coincidence and events were attributed to him. In numerology it is one of the strongest numbers (along with 22 and 33), Awareness Act reports.

Besides, 2018 at addition of separate figures also gives us number 11 (2 0 1 8 = 11).

A it means that all of us approach the most unusual date: To the 11th day 11 of month of Universal year.

In numerology 11 is considered one of the main numbers. This number of unique creativity, authentic self-expression and fast manifestation. The combination of number 11 contains so-called vibration of rise. If you look at

on number 11 form, you will see that she represents two pillars - a lock which opens the direct portal between divine inspiration and reasonable manifestation. In a threefold size (11:11:11 AM), number 11 has inconceivable force.

according to astrologers, on November 11, 2018 the portal 11:11:11 AM will be widely open, forming the most powerful gate of decade.

Therefore wait for inflow of internal force and rich energy!

Number 11 demands skill, time and patience. Perhaps, for this reason for the last 11 months of the current year good luck infrequently smiled to us.

Fortunately, numerology says that number 11 begins to prove out only in the second half of a cycle. It means that in 2018 good luck and happiness will come to us in the last part of the expiring year.

By the way, your transformation only begins. Everything that has occurred up to this point, is preparation for something considerably bigger.

the Period is already considered from October 31 to December 31 the powerful portal of transformation when the veil between Terrestrial and Inner worlds becomes thinner and is more transparent.

is time of disposal of old things and situations which pull to a bottom. This time of internal changes, sincere and warm updates which proceed within preparation by new year. If recently you constrained

the rushes to achieve success and to fulfill a dream, on November 11 - the best time to be exempted from imaginary restrictions. Everything is possible if only you dare to believe in it.

you should be beyond habitual comfort and to change to become that person who is capable to achieve goals. Don't resist these changes. From time to time it will be uncomfortable and difficult, but, looking back, you remember this day with gratitude. you are ready

A to disclosure of energy potential?

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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