Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

On Donbass fighters prepare for escalation of military operations

In the occupied territory of Donbass all "law enforcement agencies" are transferred by command of the Russian occupational troops to heavy security.

On the line of demarcation fighters are given to the raised degree of combat readiness.

Is noted sharp activization of conducting investigation by the opponent of all types - from secret-service in a front-line strip, to radio engineering (RTR) on all zone of carrying out operation OS. The activity of use for investigation and monitoring of the UAV is increased, reports Rush hour with reference to these groups "Information Resistance".

According to operational data of the IS group, after introduction in a number of regions of Ukraine of martial law is noted "nervousness" in actions of occupational formations of the Russian Federation on Donbass (sporadic, chaotic discovery of fire, strengthening of a dress of forces on duty and means, promotion directly to the first line of additional reserves).

both Formations "army cases" are given to the raised combat readiness degrees on the bigger extent of all line of demarcation.

In a number of "crews, regiments and battalions" is total holidays and dismissals of staff are cancelled, and their command expects sharp escalation of conducting combat operations at any time.

in general in the territory controlled by DPR and LPR, command of the Russian occupational troops made the decision about strengthening of the administrative and police and counterprospecting mode, transfer of all so-called "law enforcement agencies" on heavy security.



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