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On Bukovina the official of an oblavtodor was detained for waste of 4.5 million hryvnias

Investigation established that the head of commercial structure organized the criminal scheme.

On Bukovina law enforcement authorities detained the official of an oblavtodor and two heads of private firms. They are suspected of waste of 4.5 million hryvnias allocated for repair of roads. The management on protection of economy in the Chernivtsi region on the page on Facebook on Friday, March 15 reports about it.

"Among suspects - the head of commercial structure, the head of one of departments of an oblavtodor and the head of the construction organization. Incriminate them commission of the crimes provided by several articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine", - it is said in the statement.

Investigation established that the head of commercial structure organized the criminal scheme. He decided to take control of budgetary funds, allocated within the state program for construction and repair of roads and bridges in the mountainous area of area, law enforcement authorities consider. For this purpose he involved the head of one of departments of Service of highways of area.

the Official ensured to firm a victory in the tender for carrying out construction and repair roads of a certain piece of the highway. Further were involved the head of construction association who is also the actual owner of private enterprise in crime.

"As were established by law enforcement authorities, materials were acquired at inflated prices, and works were actually performed by forces of state and cooperative construction association. Though, according to official documents, works were performed by the contractor. Besides, for the purpose of cover of criminal activities for assignment of budgetary funds fictitious contracts were signed, and budgetary funds received as a result of such activity legalized through the enterprises with signs of fictitiousness", - law enforcement authorities noted.

Thus they entered doubtful data on the cost of materials and amount of completed work, having taken control of budgetary funds in the sum over 4.5 million hryvnias.

"At the beginning of March was reported to three persons involved about suspicion under several articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine: Part 5 of Article 191 (assignment, waste of property or taking by it by abuse of official position), Part 1 of Article 209 (legalization (washing) of income gained in the criminal way), Part 4 of Article 358 (forgery, the seals, stamps and forms, sale or use of counterfeit documents, the seals, stamps) and Part 2 of Article 366 (office forgery)", - added in management of protection of economy in the Chernivtsi region.



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