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"Olya has nearly died because of Tarasov": Klassruk Buzovoy has told the unknown facts from the singer's life

The ex-star of "House-2" in school days adored studying and Britney Spears imitated, and because of doubtful glory to her have forbidden to visit a native gymnasium in St. Petersburg, the first teacher of the troublemaker Galina Mikhaelovna has told.

in honor of September 1 of media have dug out the unknown facts from life of the most desired bride of domestic show business - Olga Buzova. Journalists have visited on a visit the retired teacher of the St. Petersburg gymnasium No. 631 Galina Mikhaylovna who is sincerely loving an ex-star of "House-2" to this day. the fascinating story the teacher has begun

with history of arrival of Buzova in an elite gymnasium. Olga upon the demand of mother a year has gone to grind away at the studies earlier, having successfully become examinations and having undergone selection at the competition in 10 people on one place. Galina Mikhaelovna has understood at once that before her future star sits.

Having trained Buzova in English and singing, the first teacher can appreciate solo career of the schoolgirl, in particular, performance of the It Is Not Enough Half song in English. Olga has a voice and she could always brag of good pronunciation, Galina Mikhaelovna admits.

Thanks to the honored teacher, the singer's fans know now that the troublemaker very much liked to study, and "four" for Olga was the present tragedy. An idol of the childhood Buzova had Britney Spears. Future star has begun to imitate the American performer, dressing up in miniskirts and topics what she was often lectured by the director of a gymnasium and the grandmother for.

Having cut a poor figure all over the country participation in "House-2", Buzova forever has (perhaps) closed for herself doors in a native gymnasium because of what for Galina Mikhaelovna it is especially offensive. Having come in St. Petersburg to remove a plot about the childhood, Olga has faced disgrace of the same director therefore she had to communicate with the first teacher on the street. Galina Mikhaelovna has told

In end the shocking facts from private life of the singer:

"Olya has nearly died because of Tarasov - so strongly went crazy at a divorce. Now I watch her destiny in the show "In Marriage for Buzova". I worry and want that everything at her has got better", - I admitted классрук ex-stars of "House-2".

was summed up by Galina Mikhaelovna the invitation of the schoolgirl on a visit. The honored teacher used for this purpose media as directly it is impossible to contact Olga at her.



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