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Olga Naumenko has told about the death of the daughter

The Soviet actress Olga Naumenko, the most known according to movies "Shadows Disappear at Noon" and "Twist of Fate or With a Lung паром&33;", became the guest of the program of Boris Korchevnikov "The fate of the person" where has told about how she has lost the daughter and the only beloved.

B Olga has married 1977 the actor Alexander Skvortsov. Spouses have lived together 32 years until Alexander has died.

on air of the program Naumenko has told that she with Alexander had to endure a lot of things. The serious illness and the death of the first child became one of the most hard blows for young family.

When daughter Olga and Alexander was 1 year and 8 months, have found Vilms's tumor in it. In those days this dreadful disease hasn't been studied, and doctors didn't know how to treat little Sasha. Then the actress has decided to get a job in hospital the nurse to be closer to the daughter.

"Then this disease was not studied. I have begun to ask something the doctor, to specify what health of the daughter, and he has answered me: "Here now we will cut her and we learn". After that I have taken away the daughter and looked after her at home. But she didn't suffer, was not in consciousness. At her temperature to some inconceivable values constantly rose. 42, 44 it seemed. She didn't cry, didn't suffer, and I only approached her and moistened lips with water", - Naumenko has told. the Husband of the actress always supported by

her, in every possible way helped to look after the daughter. But it wasn't succeeded to save the child, and spouses have fallen into despair. Olga and Alexander long couldn't decide to bring the child again.

"We with Sasha were the best friends and therefore we had feelings one for two. He too very much was afraid therefore I have taken a sin on soul and has seen a doctor", - the actress has shared.

"I left from the doctor and have begun to cry. Sasha has flown up to me scared, has begun to learn that he happened. And I say: "Sasha, I am pregnant". He was so happy. The father he was just improbable".

I here, at the age of 40 years Olga has given birth to the daughter Svetlana. According to Naumenko, then she has fully learned family happiness. Happiness lasted until the following test has fallen to lot of the actress - in 2008 diagnosed cancer for Alexander.

"The daughter took a disease of the father very hard. As a result because of nervousness and a stress she has even got sick in hospital. I for days on end went to one hospital to the daughter, to another to the husband. Light and now up to the end can't reconcile to the death of the father. To her it was very heavy. Now any nervousness turns for her into those symptoms", - Olga has remembered.

B the husband of the actress has died 2009. And, in spite of the fact that Olga enjoys popularity at men, again she doesn't plan to marry. Alexander Skvortsov was and remains her only love.

"When Sasha has died, I began to be asked whether I am going to arrange private life. But for me this subject is closed, I always answer firm isn't present".



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