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Olga Buzova told that at her with Denis Lebedev

The singer in a social network confirmed sad rumors about the winner of a show.

Olga Buzova's Admirers after the termination "In Marriage for Buzova" discussed all days rumors about the elect to the singer in a romantic show. The generous, taken place businessman, the adherent of a healthy lifestyle, in love with Olga - Denis Lebedev's image was scattered by all heart as soon as curious journalists tried to find out about it more.

the Main claim to Lebedev is that he participated in the In Marriage for Buzova project insincerely, for the sake of promotion. After the end of a show Olya did not contact fans, and this morning explained everything in the long message.

First on what Buzova placed emphasis - a show with the choice of guys for it was not a show. Therefore, Olya considers, she in the condition of love saw other person in Denis. The singer sorrowfully reported that her feelings impudently and are inconsiderately crushed. According to a star, after shootings it continued communication with the elect and felt happy. And rumors which appeared here and there Buzova ignored. Did not see the proof yet. the Star accurately stated

- they with Denis not together and will never communicate. Lebedeva Olya called an act deception, treason, treachery. Also confirmed: everything that is discussed about this guy in media - the truth. Buzova added that she discussed all this directly with Lebedev, and he showed her the correspondences confirming his mercenary relation to participation in a show. Also the singer noted that Lebedev conducts loose life and takes banned drugs. Buzova called

Denis terrible and heartless, and noted that she meets it for the first time. At the end of the emotional narration Olga wished all good luck and urged not to repeat her mistakes. Earlier the editorial office told

about the pregnant singer Nyusha who pleased fans with a lovely selfie with the spouse. Subscribe by

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