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Olga Buzova has thought of political career

The star is ready to be disappointed in the idea of "right and eternal love".

Olga Buzova was cruelly deceived again, having believed in love. The In Marriage for Buzova project has come to the end with the fairy tale which was deception.

Later after the victory of the Suzdal cheese maker Denis Lebedev has become clear literally several weeks that not the love with Olga, and money and public relations was his purpose. Therefore in a recent interview Buzova has reported

to the world that she can refuse the idea to construct personal happiness, and instead to be engaged in public policy. "Ideally I want

that the young man has got acquainted with me, without knowing who I am: I have just seen me, he would like my eyes or laughter... Fear that I - only the trophy and a way to become famous, will be always with me, I won't wait yet for the person who from me needs nothing - either subscribers, or joint shooting", - Buzova in one of recent interviews has told.

On a question of whether she thinks of that, by an example of the colleague on the show "House-2" Ksenia Sobchak to be engaged in public policy, Buzova has answered that she doesn't exclude for herself such opportunity. Such thoughts and I had

. I am a patriot, I have a certain reaction to a situation in the world. But so far I am not ready to speak about it aloud. And if I begin to speak, then you precisely should choose me!

Edition to an uznayvsa. the Russian Federation reminds that the unlucky groom of Buzova, Denis Lebedev, doesn't stop trying to return Olga. In spite of the fact that she has unambiguously let know that she won't believe him any more, Lebedev comes to the station to meet Buzova with a huge bouquet of flowers, at all takes home a street dog and calls her in honor of Olga. Subscribe by

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