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Oleh Lyashko - the authorities: Stop gas terrorism (VIDEO)

To hold millions of people through the whole country without heating is a terrorism! It was said by Oleh Lyashko during an hour of questions to the government. The leader of Radical party from a tribune of parliament has transferred ten cities of the country in which still there is no heat because Naftogaz for supply of gas demands from local authorities of an advance payment and repayment of the previous debts. The politician has urged the authorities to stop scoffing at Ukrainians, to include heat in all cities of Ukraine and to establish the fair price of natural gas.

"The city of Pavlohrad, 108 thousand inhabitants - without heat, without gas. The city of Severodonetsk, 106 thousand inhabitants - without heat, without gas. The city I Dared, 68 thousand inhabitants - without heat, without gas. The city of Kropivnitsky, 226 thousand inhabitants - without heat, without gas. The city of Kryvyi Rih, 634 thousand inhabitants - without heat, without gas. The city of Shepetovka, 42 thousand inhabitants - without heat, without gas. Today and yesterday there were already frosts, and all these hundreds of thousands of residents of Ukraine became hostages of expansionist policy of Naftogaz and power. It is pure terrorism", - Lyashko has noted.

the Leader of RPL was indignant with the fact that so far people sit without heat and don't know, than to pay for the communal flat, heads of Naftogaz fatten on "space" awards and salaries.

"Keeps the power without heat and gas of people in houses, hospitals, schools, nurseries because Naftogaz demands from them an advance payment of 50% for gas and repayments of debt for the used gas. Where to take local budgets money for it? Moreover, by our calculations, the general debt of these cities for gas is less, than the sum of awards, Kobolev and his deputies appointed to themselves. They have paid 45 million euros to themselves and have removed to one mother in the USA, another - the wife to Liechtenstein, and millions of Ukrainians have to sit without gas and heat, to become covered by three blankets in hospitals and to freeze in gardens", - the politician has emphasized. Oleh Lyashko has told

to Vladimir Groysman where to take money for payment of debts to Naftogaz. "I demand

from the prime minister and the government immediately to give the command to include gas to residents of these cities and all other settlements who sit without gas. Cancel all decisions on charge of "space" awards to heads of Naftogaz and return this money to the state budget. Why Ukrainians from own pocket have to pay these "space" salaries and awards, to pay the unfair price for gas and at the same time also to sit without heat in apartments? In the same Pavlohrad 80% of people have paid for gas. Why these people have to be responsible that the government hasn't paid a difference in tariffs? Stop this gas terrorism against the Ukrainian citizens", - Lyashko has addressed Groysman.

After the answer of the head of the government in which the official has shifted responsibility for failure of a heating season to local authorities Oleh Lyashko has drawn a conclusion that the present power isn't capable to solve problems Ukrainian.

"Answers of officials to our questions demonstrate that in the country there are no responsible power and an order. Millions of officials - with "space" salaries,



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