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Ohryzko dreams to stick to the Russian money

Ukraine has to try to obtain from the Russian Federation of reparations for loss of Donbass, the Crimea and other suffered losses.

About it on air of Espresso TV channel, the correspondent of Politnavigator tells, the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ohryzko has said.

according to him, the Ukrainian diplomacy has to work for recognizing the Russian Federation as the country responsible for destruction of Donbass.

"On my belief, Russia as an aggressor, as the country which has destroyed Donbass has to be financially punished. And our diplomacy, seems to me, now has to inform of this thought the foreign partners most actively. At the same time we have to consider all losses which we had suffered that once again to give all this to this or that moment that the International Courts of Justice have really dealt with this problem. It can proceed not one year, but eventually the conclusion will be drawn... I think that the plan of attraction of Russia as international criminal to responsibility, certainly, is", - Ohryzko has said.

Earlier odious deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Semyon Semyonchenko has registered the bill in which it is noted that compensation of the material and moral harm done as a result of "temporary occupation" to the state of Ukraine in full is assigned to the Russian Federation.

Also military expert Nikolay Sungurovsky has put forward the idea of drawing by Kiev of Russia of the account for the "losses" suffered during war on Donbass.

according to the Ukrainian diplomat Alexander Chara, arrests and the subsequent expropriation of the Russian vessels will help to receive "compensation" for the Crimea to Ukraine.



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