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Ognjen Vukojeviç dismissed from Croatian national team for a phrase "Glory to Ukraine" was returned to a former position

The trainer scout, despite scandalous publicity, has got the job back. From Kiev Dynamo with which the expert had a contract the Croat was released without any compensations.

you Remember the juicy scandal which has happened in the World Cup of 2018 after the quarterfinal match Croatia - Russia? Then two former players of Kiev Dynamo Domagoj Vida and Ognjen Vukojeviç have written down the video message for friends on which Vuko has devoted a victory over the Russian national team to friends in Kiev ("This victory for Dynamo and for Ukraine), and Vida has added "Glory to Ukraine!"

is the video which has got to social networks (though didn't intend for others eyes - it was merged"), has caused impassioned reaction in the Russian media: demanded to punish (up to disqualification) Vida, but only Vukojeviç has suffered. Though to very few people it was clear: what to punish for? For a phrase "Glory to Ukraine"?

Vida has several times apologized, but the president of the Croatian football union Davor Suker just in case, has made secure, and declared the termination of cooperation with Vukojeviç. Which held the trainer scout's position in Croatian national team, collection of information about players of rival teams belonged to his duties. He was deprived by accreditations on the FIFA World Cup-2018, have fined, and have discharged of work, having announced it publicly. In fact, Ognjen has served as "lightning rod", and he was sacrificed to save Vida from troubles. That happened further, we know

: Croatian national team with Vida, but already without Vukojeviç became the vice-world champion though he nevertheless has got the medal.

Ognjen has returned to Kiev where held a position of the selector in Dynamo (in Croatian national team he did "piecework", having asked for leave from a primary place of employment, from Dynamo to help the national team).

But now, 2 month later, have invited Vukojeviç to return to a former position in Croatian national team. The deputy chief editor of the Futbol magazine Andrey Shakhov has reported about it on the page in Facebook:

"Is very glad for Vuko. Work Ognjen on studying of rivals so was pleasant to Zlatko Dalich (the mentor of Croatian national team - a comment) that that has again invited him in the coaching staff! Igor Surkis has released our selector, understanding that such experience is invaluable. Vuko promises to be in Kiev at the game with Astana of Good luck to you, Ognjen!"




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