Date: 8 months ago   Category: Politics

Officials have gone down to the mine to miners who strike because of wage arrears

The representative of the Verkhovna Rada for human rights in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions Pavel Lisyansky has gone down to miners of the mine of Kapustin of state enterprise "Lisichanskugol". Miners strike because of a delay of salaries. About it Lisyansky having written

to Facebook.

"Between protesters, representatives of the ministry and the management of the enterprise in the presence of leaders of labor union has occurred dialogue. Miners remained to protest. The situation remains very intense", - Lisyansky has told.

the Representative of the ombudsman has told that he has gone down to the mine to NPGU Mikhaiom Volyntsom protesting together with the chairman, the head of the Lysychansk office of NPGU Eduard Vsevolodsky, the director of the department of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of coal mining Alexander Vladychenko, the Acting CEO of JSC Lisichanskugol Valery Boyarsky and the director of the mine of Kapustin Timofey Miroshnikov.

Earlier on the mine of Kapustin where because of nonpayment of salary miners strike, has happened a collapse. we Will remind

, on October 19 33 workers of the mine of Kapustin - in protest at wage arrears and incompetence of the management have refused to climb to the surface. The enterprise has owed them about 170 million hryvnias.

Among the requirements striking - to repay the 4-month debt on payment of salaries and resignation of the CEO Lisichanskugol Valentin Kiselyov whom miners suspect of illegal sales of products of association.



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