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Official days off in January, 2019 in Ukraine: all holidays

Official days off in January, 2019 in Ukraine: all holidays
In 2019 Ukrainians will have a rest 10 days. By habitual Saturdays and revivals, two more official days off will be added.

of the Little girl! In spite of the fact that outside August, journalists of Clutch have already prepared material in which designated all days off in Ukraine for January, 2019. Why so early, do you ask? All because pledge ideal (and budgetary) holidays - in advance prepared plan. Therefore we suggest to study the calendar the Days off in Ukraine 2019 which will help to plan New Year's rest in advance.

So, in the production calendar of 2019 in category the Days off in January is specified 10 positions (8 habitual Saturdays/Sundays and 2 public holidays which are days off). Besides, January, 2019 will please with considerable quantity of holidays in Ukraine: 14 days of this month will become solemn.

the Days off in January, 2019 the Ukraine / Holidays in January to Ukraine

on January 1 (2/1/2019) - New year;

on January 7 (1/7/2019) - Christmas.


сб: 5, 12, 19, on January 26;

вс: 6, on January 13,20,27.


on January 1 (2/1/2019) - New year (official day off);

on January 6 (1/6/2019) - Christmas Eve;

on January 7 (1/7/2019) - Christmas (official day off);

on January 14 (1/14/2019) - Old New year;

on January 19 (1/19/2019) - the Baptism of the Lord (Epiphany);

on January 20 (1/20/2019) - Day of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea;

on January 22 (1/22/2019) - Day of Conciliarity and Svoboda of Ukraine;

on January 25 (1/25/2019) - Students' Day (Tatiana Day);

on January 26 (1/26/2019) - the World day of customs;

on January 26 (1/26/2019) - Day of the employee of control and auditing service;

on January 27 (1/27/2019) - the International Holocaust Remembrance Day;

on January 29 (1/29/2019) - Day of remembrance of heroes Is abrupt;

on January 29 (1/29/2019) - Day of the worker of fire protection;

on January 31 (1/31/2019) - the International day of the jeweler.



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