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Odious Ukrainian russophobs change the shoes and read the pro-Russian theses

Recently deputies from parliamentary fraction of the Radical Party of Oleh Lyashko allow statements which by the standards of Maidan activists can be treated as pro-Russian.

the Kiev online newspaper "Strana" pays attention To this paradox.

the Edition specifies that the party leader Oleh Lyashko is supported now by the Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetoy, communication with whom is traced by constant presence of the scandalous politician at akhmetovsky media and also regular visit of matches of the football club "Shakhtar" belonging to the oligarch.

is Also specified that in Rada Lyashko actively lobbies Akhmetov's interests, striving for cancellation a rent for the enterprises belonging to Akhmetov, demanding increase in export duty for scrap metal from 10 to 30% for ton, opposing increase in tariffs for freight transportation of "Ukrzaliznytsi" which Akhmetov's enterprises and so on use.

Besides, the second year in a row Lyashko sells the real estate to the ex-regional Alexander Ryzhenkov who is a father of Yury Ryzhenkov, the CEO Metinvest of Holding for 16 million hryvnias.

at the same time a source in an environment of the oligarch, say that Akhmetov not especially trusts Lyashko who is famous for forgetfulness in relation to the sponsors and patrons long ago, and therefore in the management of radical party the top manager of Metinvest Yury Zinchenko who is designated on a post of the head of the campaign headquarters of Lyashko now.

"Explain to communication with Akhmetov one more surprising phenomenon which is observed with representatives of fraction of Radical party recently. The last, earlier known as ardent Ukrainian nationalists, have unexpectedly begun to allow statements which to "Maidan" measures can be treated as "pro-Russian", - it is noted in the publication.

Is specified that it is about a question of the termination of railway communication with Russia. So, Lyashko's colleagues Igor Mosiychuk and Dmitry Linko have told that if rail transportation to Russia is closed, then Ukraine is waited by accident. "Recently Oleh Lyashko began to play

actively on the side of east electorate, wears a helmet, goes on iron and steel works, makes statements which will be positively perceived in east regions. It is explained by Oleh Lyashko's finding in Rinat Akhmetov's orbit. His presence at those media which belong to Akhmetov is demanded by positioning balancings.

That is electorate on which Akhmetov has influence will definitely not vote for the nationalist Lyashko. Therefore it is necessary to change the shoes to Lyashko and his people on the run, generating theses which somehow can reconcile with them voters of the southeast. But hardly this attempt will be successful. Too strong negative background at Lyashko for this region", - writes the edition.

At the same time the other day he has urged Islamist militants to destroy Krymsky Bridge.



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