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Nyusha told how she grows thin after the delivery

The singer became mother of the little girl a month ago.

of Nyush bragged of the first evident results of weight loss. She already recovered after the delivery, and now can not only enjoy the first months of motherhood, but also find time for itself.

Anna Shurochkina became mother in 28 years. She is still absolutely young woman (though such in the Russian maternity hospitals still call "starorodyashchy") so she comes back to a former form quickly.

"Now I get into the sports suits! - Nyusha bragged. - The main thing that process went though still is on what to work. Ahead also the sport sport sport is a lot of dances! "

Nyusha did not return To Russia yet. She spends the first months of life of the daughter in subtropics and sends to fans of the photo, the imprinted moments of family happiness from there.

Edition to an uznayvsa. the Russian Federation reminds that the father of the maturing twins Harry and Lisa, the showman Maxim Galkin, unlike Nyusha sits in snow-covered Moscow area. The day before he shared

the video in which he plays with children in snowballs and rides from the mountain the sledge. Subscribe by

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