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Nuclear apocalypse: the scientist has opened confidential details about doomsday in 2018

By the scientist's estimates the mankind has passed "a dangerous corridor of time" of

the Greek physicist Georgios Gyalvas has predicted doomsday for summer of 2018, but now it was urgently cancelled. The physicist told that all mankind really had an opportunity forever to disappear this summer.

"I warned that in a year of the Fiery Rooster the wild behavior will begin. Then forcing of a situation around the rocket program of DPRK has begun, there was a war in Syria and other. Everything could end with a nuclear apocalypse", it reported about it on one of social networks. It connected by

doomsday in 2018 with the conflict between the USA and North Korea as considered that he can develop into nuclear war. But instead of beginning war Trump and Kim Jong-un have peacefully met and have shaken hands each other.

By estimates of the scientist-astrologer Vlad Ross, mankind has passed "a dangerous corridor of time" - whether thanks to "intervention of the Highest forces", whether still some factors. He has also noticed that he sees other no reason for doomsday. we Will remind

, earlier it was reported that the scenario of extermination of all live in the Universe is already written and the mankind waits for the terrible end. Scientists have told about it, having added that even black holes will be gone, having absorbed everything around. Everything will begin

with the planet Earth when through 1 billion years the activity of the Sun grows up, and on the planet there will be temperature not below 50 degrees Celsius - it will lead to evaporation of all water on the Earth's surface that will become death of all live. After that the Milky Way will face the fog Andromedy that will entail to destruction of the Milky Way, but if the Sun manages "to survive", then will become many times more, than now.

Scientists assumed earlier that the mankind, with high probability can stop the existence as a result of the Big Bang. One of versions of an apocalypse says that the Universe will finish existence in the Big gap. It is possible if density of dark matter of less than <>
All existing galaxies scatter with an escalating speed which will gradually reach light. Through 80 billion years they will be so far that we won't be able just to see them. All planets of Solar system will scatter on the Universe approximately in 3 months prior to a gap, the sun will practically turn into the white dwarf.




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