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Not as in the fairy tale: what is a syndrome of "Sleeping Beauty" and what it is dangerous by?

The people having this rare illness spend the most part of days in a dream and to the bed are literally confined. The cause of "sleeping sickness" remains to unknown modern medicine.

the SYNDROME KLEIN-LEVINA, it is the Syndrome of "Sleeping Beauty" - rather rare neurologic disease, one of the main symptoms of which is excessive drowsiness.

the First mention of a disease has appeared in 1925 when the German psychiatrist Willie Klein has described nine cases of "hibernation" among the patients. In 1936 the American neuropathologist Max Levin has described five more cases of frustration of a dream and food behavior. Therefore the syndrome has received the double name - Klein-Levina.

of 1000 people in the world suffers from a syndrome of "Sleeping Beauty".

Suffering from such frustration of people spends quite long time in a dream: from several days to several weeks. At the same time the periods of "hibernation" are completely forced out from memory. Assume that the heroine of the famous fairy tale could suffer from this frustration.

of the Patient stays in a condition of wakefulness rather small amount of time. During such periods "sleepyhead" absorbs food with the enhanced appetite though for the rest behaves absolutely adequately.

SYMPTOMS. The syndrome Klein-Levina draws with the unusual symptomatology to itself attention of researchers.

in the period of an attack reaction of the person slows down, he constantly tests drowsiness, fatigue, badly thinks and is guided.

Also a disease accompany such symptoms:

- a dream lasts not less than 16 - 18 hours a day;

- "dream attacks" repeat 1-2 times a year and last from three days to three weeks;

- a behavior rastormozhennost and also irritability, aggression, a disorientation, confusion of consciousness, a hallucination during the wakefulness periods;

- the increased sexual inclination.

As a rule, after every period of "hibernation" comes remission, and then the attack repeats. At the same time intervals between episodes can be various.

of FEATURE. The syndrome isn't connected with other frustration of a dream, such as narcolepsy (sudden falling asleep), апноэ (respiratory standstill in a dream) or night miokloniya (muscular contractions in a dream). Gipersomniya is also not connected with other mental disorders, such as epilepsy or depression.

the Disease meets at men more often and begins to be shown at teenage age.

of the REASON. Most of physicians agree in opinion that the genetic defect which prevents the correct work of limbic system of a brain is the cornerstone of a disease. However the true reason for which the person falls into hibernation isn't established today. For this reason there is no treatment also.

TREATMENT. Having unexpectedly arisen at teenage age, the syndrome Klein-Levina also unexpectedly can disappear without any medical intervention. Attacks become less long, and intervals between them increase.



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