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Nokia 6.1 Plus joins the Pie beta labs Android 9 program

Nokia 6.1 Plus joins the Pie beta labs Android 9 program
HMD Global, house for phones of Nokia, announced today that the latest updating to Android 9 is already available to Nokia 6.1 Plus thanks to the beta labs Nokia program.

Juho Sarvikas, the director of HMD Global products, comments: "We are glad to report

that thanks to participation in the beta labs Nokia 6.1 Plus Nokia program became the first-ever smartphone on the mobile Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 platform to which updating to Android Pie is available. Regularly delivering updates of the software for our fans, we confirm our commitment to Android One philosophy.

Is our first beta Android 9 on Nokia 6.1 Plus for developers. In the next weeks we will work together with our fast-growing community of beta testers to provide uncompromising quality of the new software prior to the beginning of official release. We encourage all responses of our admirers and are grateful for their enthusiasm and the help in testing of early versions of the latest Android".

the beta labs Nokia Program is created for this purpose, to give to developers an opportunity to test new versions of the software and to give the companies feedback. HMD Global already totals more than 86 000 fans who participate in testing of the latest updates of the software before their official release.

of Nokia 6.1 Plus is in huge demand worldwide from the moment of its announcement at the end of August. For example, in India this model is bought up with a record speed. Thanks to frameless design of the smartphone and the HD display with a ratio of the parties 19:9 Nokia 6.1 Plus is provided to users by the bigger screen in compact registration.

With beta labs Nokia enthusiasts can test absolutely new set of the Android 9 functions for the Nokia 6.1 Plus, such App Actions - exclusive function for Android One devices and Google Pixel phones.

Created on is expected to high standards of a brand of Nokia, the case new 6.1 Plus in front and is behind made of glass, the screen occupies 93% of all gracefully rounded off forward surface thanks to which the smartphone ideally lays down in your hand. Besides elegant appearance, the smartphone can brag of the mobile Qualcomm Snapdrago 636 platform which is 40% faster, than the previous series of processors. It provides the first-class graphics and higher energy efficiency of the battery that you could enjoy audio and video even longer.

Key features of Android 9 Pie:

• App actions - use the smartphone more effectively thanks to function which analyzes your habits in use of applications and predicts your following step.

• Slices - defines separate elements of your favourite applications, making them more available for use.

• The adaptive accumulator - uses studying mechanisms to define templates of use of your favourite applications and to distribute accumulator power as priority.

• Adaptive brightness - автоматичес



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