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Nico Rosberg: Investments - too some kind of sport

Having finished career in Formula 1, the world champion of 2016 Nico Rosberg looks for application to the talents in other spheres now: he is engaged in investments into the companies staking on modern technologies.

according to Nico, fast return of investments for it not a priority: the main thing that projects in which he invests money were perspective and interesting to him is both Space X of Elon Musk, and development of the Lilium company creating passenger drones, and the Lyft service which tries to compete with Uber.

"I am related to some fine companies, and all this is very interesting. These companies intend to change the world! - Rosberg told. - I always watched such people as Elon Musk and Richard Branson who of anything created something, realizing the great ideas and innovations. For this reason I and itself look for now similar ways, and everything develops very great.

For me is some kind of sport too, subjects to investments need to be chosen correctly. And I will be proud if any action from the companies on which I relied sharply go up. Finally the purpose consists also in earning money.

is important For me that it were attractive and cool projects. I do not want to invest in something boring even if potentially it promises the maximum profit".

this year Rosberg also became one of investors of Formula E, considering that at the World Cup in races on electric vehicles the big future, however he estimates the prospects of development of Formula 1 more carefully: "So far it is not really clear how Liberty Media is going to increase the market value of F1. In my opinion, at the moment it decreases, but it in the short term. But how they are going to raise it?

in general, in my opinion, they on a right way, though a situation not so obvious. I wish them good luck as I want that my sport remained so popular, but ahead various tests. For example, Liberty should show discretion, being engaged in the ecological party of business and to pay to it more than attention".



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