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New UAZ and two more budget crossovers dreaming to blow up the market

In the last month spring autobuilders rushed in an attack on consumers again. From novelties for every taste and the purse literally flickers before eyes. We will talk about the most anticipated and budgetary of them in a segment of crossovers popular nowadays and SUVs.

When on light will be born new "Loaf"? There is no answer. And not the fact that will be! And why to let out her if also old very not bad is on sale. And the fresh version under the elite name "Trofi" is designed to refresh the interest of consumers in model. Than it will win hearts of cheeful admirers?

First of all, protective color of a body. It to you not "metallic" some, and most true terrible military color.

formed the basis of new old "Loaf" modification UAZ of "Kombi" with the double all-metal cabin capable to accomodate up to six passengers and 400 kg of load.

from features are black stamped disks and "toothy" tires. And the most important - a forwarding ladder and a luggage carrier. Or it is not as important as new door handles, sliding window leaves and a water-repellent upholstery of chairs?

the Motor - the 112 hp
ageless four-cylinder unit
the Price: from 829,900 rubles. There Is no RENAULT, children, the long-awaited compartment crossover with the attractive name Arkana did not go on sale yet. But there will be an updated Kaptur with the modernized information entertainment center of MediaNav 4.0 and the Radio Connect audio system.

it is possible to Operate multimedia through the application on the smartphone where it is in addition easy to learn a run and a consumption of "fuel". And Kaptur caught the developing side mirrors with the electric drive, and it is possible to use this function remotely too - from a key. whether

Went the car better after updating? Not the fact, in a car arsenal the same units from which the respect is deserved by only the 143 top motor of "racer". With frankly sluggish cursor about 114 puny strength it is not necessary to expect passion and smartness.

Price: from 994,000 rubles.

Koreans opened an advance orders section on new generation of the of whether a nedokrossover, whether a perekhetchbek with the fatal name Soul. The car created on the new and facilitated architecture is rich in complete sets - them even 11 options, including the "warmed-up" version of GT Line.

Amusing "small square" on wheels became more cheerful externally and more fervently inside, and he got a bouquet of various poleznost and goodies. However, despite smart electronics, "to the Korean pro the UAZ" in dirt not to keep up.

A here around the city KIA Soul - the madcap still that. Let's tell thanks to the checked motors, the hottest of which is the "turbine unit" blowing 200 hp. In you blow adaptive and bright "robot" about two couplings performs with it.

Price: from 1,029,900 rubles.



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