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New BMW C 400 GT

In 2011 BMW Motorrad left in new category of city two-wheeled transport, having presented bonus maxi - BMW C scooters 600 Sport and C 650 GT. They were followed by the dynamic midsize scooter C 400 X which was for the first time shown in the fall of 2017. Today BMW Motorrad presents new to C 400 GT: the Gran Turismo option focused on the increased comfort on travel on long distances. Whether you go to office, to the downtown to walk, to the country after work or on the weekend, new BMW C 400 GT? ideal option fully to enjoy a trip not only alone, but also with the passenger.

the Powerful single-cylinder engine in combination with stepless transmission, vibration insulation and ASC.

As well as BMW C 400 X new of C 400 GT is equipped with the powerful single-cylinder engine giving 34 hp. Power is transferred to wheels by means of stepless transmission. The rigid pendulum with innovative bearings increases comfort of a novelty, smoothing the vibrations caused by roughnesses of a paving. The system of course stability ensures the maximum safety at acceleration even on the slippery road.

the Strong steel tubular frame, a telescopic fork and the powerful brake system with ABS in a basic equipment.

As well as BMW C 400 X new of C 400 GT has the strong frame made of steel pipes. Are responsible for depreciation a telescopic fork in front and two separate shock-absorbers with springs behind. Carefully picked up springs provide a combination of fascinating sports controllability and excellent comfort. The forward two-disk brake together with back one-disk and also ABS which is included in a basic equipment is guaranteed by effective braking and high level of safety.

LED headlights in a basic equipment and the multimedia Connectivity system as an option.

New C 400 GT is equipped with LED headlights in a basic equipment, and a number of functions, new to this segment, in the field of communication of the motorcycle with the driver and the outside world is optionally available. Among them - the multipurpose Connectivity dashboard with the full-color TFT display with a diagonal of 6,5". The updated BMW Motorrad multi-controller provides fast and convenient access to functions of multimedia system. It allows the driver to speak by phone, to listen to music and also to use the convenient navigator, without distracting from a situation on the road.

Innovative design, effective protection against wind and bad weather and also the convenient system of storage with a removable wardrobe trunk.

In design new 400 GT are at first sight learned by C lines of the range BMW Motorrad C: he looks elegantly and functionally and is suitable both for the weakened city walks, and for long trips with the passenger. The main visual element of a forward part of the scooter is the LED headlight of head light of a streamline shape with two symmetric elements and special design of LED day running fires. A wind guard in new C 400 GT you



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