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New adventures of Mr. Ickx: test drive of KIA RIO X-Line

The main automobile tandem of the country, really national Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris, continues evolution. Even if it is about old (read - fallen in love) products in new options of execution. Well Koreans also execute...

of KIARio the
Habitual, it seems, model, but in a fresh wrapper is as candy with other glaze, favourite spirits in other packing or with all acquaintances to pain cracks the wife in new underwear. In other words, all that there is a wish! "Two of a chest identical from a face" of the Country of morning freshness have forced out

from streets and highways, the highway and country roads invincible LADA hand-made article life, having sent AVTOVAZ to a full knockout. Sales have right there answered stunning: "You who such, give, good-bye". Now here govern Rio and Solaris. Checkmate.

Having staked out for itself the first place in all taxi pools of the country, the Korean duet not only has subdued charts of sales, but also has exchanged in the person. New generations of these cars became more more beautiful "on clothes" and are far more human inside. Even the domestic market frightened by the American sanctions isn't capable to resist from such temptation: the second generation of twin sedans has triumphally ascended to worthless Russian asphalt. And it was not the final of the blockbuster.

After new generation of KIA RIO, Koreans have presented to Rio X-Line - the pseudo-crossover created on the basis of the sedan just like brothers of Renault Sandero Stepway and Lada XRAY. Impudently, loudly it is also devilishly proved. Directly in "apple"!

I has put here not in additional 10 mm of a road gleam at all, and even not in 10 mm of width - wheel base at them identical. First, the body of a hatchback left much more worked for designers, finished. And secondly, the autocommunity at last has remembered such thing as not colored plastic moldings and weather-cloths shaking in the city functionality! Without them any car loses a luster for few months, thanks to "polite" and "accurate" neighbors, snowdrifts, high borders and other elements of a city parking.

In a word, the decision has turned out not only pleasant for a look, but also extremely suitable for daily operation. As cherry on cake - the dual bell of the exhaust system calling youth audience, and bumpers which don't cling new capital borders, more similar to fences.

All the rest - as at "donor". New Rio left very universal and functional car. Both for city turmoil, and for a highway scope. Our copy is allocated with the 1,6-liter 123-strong petrol motor allowing sensitive acceleration even on the site from 80 to 130 km/h. To the Rio loudspeaker to carp won't leave - in our latitudes there is no place to go simply quicker.

Fuel consumption becomes more important and more important day by day - petrol prices don't bite any more, and impudently fight! And here "X" is good - only 8 l in the city and 6 l - on the route. For one thousand rubles it is possible to get a half of the fuel tank and to safely burn it three days. By the way, differences between the 95th and 92nd gasoline



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