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NEO offered for BitTorrent 50 million bigger, but TRON has all the same won

Both the TRON company, and the NEO company wanted to acquire the peer program of sharing of files BitTorrent, and NEO even offered 50 million more.

I the TRON company, and the NEO company wanted to acquire the peer program of sharing of files BitTorrent, and NEO even offered 50 million more.

according to Coindesk, according to comments of the representative of the NEO company, and according to internal documents of the BitTorrent company, the NEO Global Capital company offered for the Internet protocol 170 million dollars, and the founder of the TRON company Justin Sang - 120 million dollars. As a result, the BitTorrent company has accepted the offer of the TRON company, having counted it more favorable for the resource and its shareholders.

according to Coinmarketcap, in top-20 the NEO company takes the 14th place with market capitalization in 1,5 billion US dollars, and the TRON company - the 13th with market capitalization in 1,7 billion US dollars.

Justin Sang has begun to conduct negotiations with BitTorrent a month before the NEO company, in December, 2017. Sang wanted to acquire not all company but only a controlling stake while the NEO company wanted to be the only owner of BitTorrent, offering 115 million US dollars for all exclusive actions and 55 million US dollars for all common stocks. NEO hoped that BitTorrent "can create the decentralized system of storage of files which in general will be useful to any decentralized web project or a blockchain".

Exist different explanations why BitTorrent hasn't accepted the offer of NEO.

Some say that the NEO company itself has changed the mind, or that the investment department of the company wanted to remove the situation obliging to carry out the transaction within 6 months from the contract. According to the head of investment department of Neo, to Vey Zhu, the company has begun to doubt technical capabilities of BitTorrent necessary for creation of the decentralized system of storage of files.

Besides, were fears about political disputes in the United States after attempts of Huawei and ZTE to invest in the American companies.



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