Date: 3 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

NEC announces the large-format 75-inch display for important applications

NEC Display Solutions declared release of the new 75-inch version of the multipurpose large-format MultiSync P-серии displays of the high definition (UHD) intended for crucial applications.

the Modular and expanded MultiSync P754Q display provides opportunities for the large-format visualization, best in the class, that allows to provide your information with impressive simplicity for achievement of the most convincing results. Excellent reproduction of content even in the conditions of bright external lighting is provided at the expense of the high level of brightness 650 кд/м&178; in combination with an antiglare covering of a surface, as well as other displays of the P-series family, but in a much bigger format.

the 75-inch screen provides bright viewing "bespikselny" dirks in UHD and is ideal for various environments and applications - from digital signs and advertizing in public places (DooH) to information for passengers at the airports or at stations and a retail. The high-precision color rendition does it by the ideal decision for applications of multimedia and post-production, and a wide format, reliable work 24/7 and low operational costs allow to use for dispatching offices.

As well as all other models of a P-series, the new P754Q display has the improved settings of all parameters of images with the exact, natural and colourful picture, by means of the Spectraview Engine technology providing expanded settings of all corresponding parameters of visualization including brightness, color, scale and uniformity.

For creation of digital signs, P754Q, multipurpose, adaptable and ready to integration, includes the NEC Open Modular intelligence platform (OMi) which provides intellectual and seamless connections between a source of content and the display. OMi provides individual advertizing decisions in which scalable computing power, for example, computing Raspberry Pi modules or slot OPS personal computers, is effectively integrated in the display.

"A format and quality of the image, obviously, are important factors, so far as concerns the digital signs DooH, but many operators look for the reliable and simple decisions in use capable to make an impression on audience", - Richard Wilks, the business development manager of NEC Display Solutions Europe has noted.

"Transport hubs, such as airports and railway stations, work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and displays often are installed in hard-to-reach spots. Therefore the expenses connected with replacement of the faulty display are very high. It not only gives an inconvenience to passengers, but also the airports are capable to lose a considerable share of income from advertizing and the reputation. We have united our knowledge and experience in P754Q to provide the display which is reliable, economically effective in operation and simple in management.

"Thanks to available technology of remote management our users save time and forces, I can



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