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Nearly have killed the man, but have saved life for the sake of repayment: the police has solved the crime of invaders of 4-year

On Donetsk region the police has solved the crime of the pro-Russian mercenaries of four-year prescription
the victim has addressed law enforcement officers in May, 2018 and has reported that in 2014 he has fallen a victim of assault in Donetsk.

the 42-year-old man has told that near gas station two people in uniform and with automatic machines have approached him, having presented by fighters of the East battalion. They have ordered to give keys from his "Mazda", and one at the same time has shot at asphalt near legs of the car owner. The man wounded by splinters, escaping, I tried to escape, but he was stopped shots. Zreshecheny by bullets of the victim was beaten and brought to the commander of group.

the Fate of the man who was between life and death was solved by thirst of terrorists to enrichment. Being going to receive repayment for the prisoner, attackers have brought him to hospital where have performed on the patient difficult operation. Chamber protected the prisoner of 10 armed fighters until the family has contributed for him 10 thousand dollars.

From hospital took away the man in the wheelchair. Have taken away not only the car, but also the passport of the citizen of Ukraine, the mobile phone and even clothes from him - to malefactors his sports suit has attracted.

of Rozyskniki of a regional central board have established suspects. On it two months of search of witnesses and analytical work have left.

to one of attackers have appeared the Leader who ordered separate group in a band "East" and citizens of the Russian Federation. Other robber - the previously convicted local is from Makiivka which was at the shooter's position. Field investigators have collected by

incontestable proofs of their participation in crime. By everything it is in absentia declared suspicion of commission of crimes according to the p. 2 of Art. 187 and the p. 3 of Art. 289 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Residents of the neighboring state are put on the international wanted list. Pre-judicial investigation continues.



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