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Near DiCaprio at Tarantino the hot Pole will act: photo

Quentin Tarantino at last has found the actor for a role Roman Polanski in the movie "Once in Hollywood", The Hollywood Reporter writes. The famous director will be played by the Polish actor Rafal Zaverukha.

Besides, have joined Sidney Svini famous on roles in "The story by the servant" cast of the project and "Ostrykh predmetakh" and Danny Strong, - the director of a biopic about the writer Jerome Salinger "Behind an abyss in a rye". we Will note

that action of the movie will be developed in Los Angeles in 1969, and the former star a western show Year Dalton and his doubler and the friend Cliff Booth who are played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt will become the main characters of the film.

Together with them act in the film Dakota Fanning, Al Pacino, Curt Russell, Tim Roth, Bert Reynolds, Michael Madsen, Damion Lewis and Margo Robbie. Recently the actress has shown the first picture in an image of the heroine - the actress and Polanski's wife of Sharon Tate who has died from hands of members of gang of Charles Manson. On a plot she lives near Rick and Cliff.

In the new movie will also appear Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawk's daughter Maia Thurman Hawk and the author of series "Little girls" Lena Dunham. Their characters are called by the Child Tsvetov and the Gipsy.

of the Prime minister "Once in Hollywood" will take place on July 26 the next year.




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