Date: 4 months ago   Category: Society

National combatants have accused the Pavlohrad police officers of drug trafficking "protection racket"

Police officers of Pavlohrad - in the center of attention. On October 31, about 120 young people of a sports constitution in the form of national teams and the national case some of which hid faces under bandages picketed the Pavlohrad police station. Young people have gathered in Pavlohrad from all area. Shouts "Who has ordered Malimonov!" and "Death to narcopushers!", within 5 minutes they shook walls of city department.

the Reason for picketing became the fact that on October 29 unknown have attacked the activist of National teams Yury Malimonov on the settlement of PShS in Pavlohrad. With injuries of the head of the activist brought to emergency station. He has an open injury of the head and a fracture of a jaw. For today he stays in intensive care unit of city hospital No. 4.

the Chief of police Victor Rybak, in the presence of the deputies, has met activists in the assembly hall of city department to answer the questions interesting them. Victor Rybak has told

that upon attack on Yury Malimonov two task forces work. I didn't begin to disclose details of investigation, is the secrecy of the investigation. But I informed that many details of investigation which aren't disclosed yet are known to heads Natsdruzhin and Natskorpusa. National combatants have said that they will investigate this case to the bitter end, so far guilty persons and customers won't be punished.

Guests have performed with accusatory speeches to police, per se, accusing the last of drug trafficking protection racket as it occurs, for example, in Nikopol. But except emotional performances of the concrete facts on Pavlohrad nobody has sounded. the Chief of the Pavlohrad police has assured

that the investigation of case of Yury Malimonov is carried on quickly. He has thanked national combatants for the help - protection of the victim in hospital.

As soon as the criminal or a group of persons, involved in this crime, will be detained, the police will inform on it the public. On that have also dispersed.



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